✨ Transform ✨ your process for researching utility programs and incentives with UtilityGenius™ — a new platform just released by Encentiv Energy. UtilityGenius connects you with everything you need to know about utility programs and incentives across North America online, all in one place for free.

The future of searching utility programs is here. Contractors, ESCOs, agents, and trade allies — this is for YOU! 🤝

🚫 Gone are the…

This analysis is based on program changes for both downstream and midstream incentive programs through the first six months of 2021.

Every February, Encentiv Energy hosts a webinar to demonstrate how commercial rebate programs have changed over the previous year. …

Introducing the new Product Awareness that helps you create more relevant marketing content, sales enablement that converts, and plan market expansion.

Your go to headquarters for finding where utility rebates are highest in North America for any of your DLC® or ENERGY STAR® qualified products.

Growth teams that use Product Awareness can turn product information with rebate insights into action immediately and experience faster conversions.

Connect your marketing content with rebate information that influences behavior and actually drives action

Marketing teams — whether you’re a…

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